The IMMUNE Toolkit

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The IMMUNE Toolkit aims to assist educators in engaging youngsters and adolescents in discussions about the impact of digital communication on the self, society, and democracy. It comprises five modules and an introductory section.

The introduction highlights the unique perspective of the #IMMUNE-Project on fake news and disinformation, presenting the project’s output, including the #IMMUNE Country Studies and the #IMMUNE Policy Paper.

The modules offer educators resources to comprehend the intricate connections between technology, individual psychological traits, and social processes. They also provide exercises for use with young learners, complete with pedagogical explanations, presentation materials, and necessary resources for implementation.


The #IMMUNE Narrative

Module 1

The resource for the social media business model: data.
How they are collected and stored

Module 2

The method of the social media business model: Personalisation.

Module 3

How the side effects of personalisation are damaging society

Module 4

Surfing on the wave of personalisation: fake news and disinformation

Module 5

How the side effects of personalisation are damaging society