Dora Katsamori

Ph.D in Social and Educational Policy

She gives seminars and workshops to various target groups; her primary focus is young prison-inmates who attend “Second Chance Schools” while in prison.

In previous projects, she has gained valuable experience on the topic of fake news and political manipulation in social media. Her academic interests lie in the field of digital citizenship, inclusion and human rights education.

She is a member of the DARE Network and All in Network: Citizenship Learning for Inclusion and Diversity.

She loves theather and dance.

Dora obtained her Ph.D from the Department of Social and Educational Policy at the UoP in the field of citizenship education.

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Political Science and Public Administration from the University of Athens and a Master degree in Social Discrimination, Migration and Citizenship from the UoP. She has a long experience as coordinator and researcher in different research funded project and as educator in the field of non-formal education.