The social media business model: Personalisation and Engagement Rate

How they are collected and stored


When it comes to advertisement internet users do indeed welcome personalisation. It reduces the flow of digital content that is little to not relevant to the user and therefore increases the user experience. However, the entire advertising business model of social media platforms has serious negative side effects. This relates to how we see ourselves and others as well as our ability to lead social and political debates. Due to the ever increasing share of online communication these side effects grow into a challenge for societies and for liberal democracies in, particular. They are based on a rational political discourse among societal interests – something that is greatly inhibited by hyper-personalised online communication.

Exercise 2

I confirm

Students explore confirmation bias in social media. The session begins with an introduction to confirmation bias, followed by a discussion about its relevance. Students then share their real experiences with confirmation bias on social media, fostering a dialogue on the topic’s significance and strategies to mitigate its impact on their online interactions.