#IMMUNE Project against fake news

#IMMUNE is a project funded by ERASMUS+ to promote critical thinking skills among youngsters tackling the issue of fake news

#IMMUNE Project

The innovation in communication technologies and media lead to an exponential spreading of information, a process to which we are all exposed, and sometimes overwhelmed by.

#IMMUNE is a project funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme aimed at fostering the promotion of critical thinking skills among youngsters, helping them tackling the issue of fake news and political manipulation of information.

This project aims to reach educators interested in delving deeper into the matter, becoming the perfect multipliers for our contents, ready to implement them with the groups they work with.

The project’s main topics at glance

  • How to help youngsters understand the different ways in which manipulation can be implemented: from a more general political standpoint to the daily interactions with media.
  • Different strategies and methods to tackle fake news and manipulated information.
  • Information and data covering the phenomena at hand, both related to the spreading methods, the structure of fake news and political propaganda, and on the ways one can develop and strengthen their own skillset and awareness on the topics.

Our method

We create activities that will hopefully increase young people’s abilities, skills and competences related to the general topic of critical thinking. Through an innovative, adaptable and hands-on approach, we developed a list of activities and informative material that educators can take on and insert in their curricula.

Moreover, we also propose a wide range of innovative resources, materials and activities that both educators and youngsters can take on in order to deepen their knowledge on the topics addressed by the project and throughout the educational toolkit.

The toolkit

Divided in 5 different modules, the “IMMUNE Toolkit” is a source that enables educators to learn more on the project’s topics and to pass this knowledge onto the youngsters they work with.

Each module presents different sections correlated with a theoretical introduction and several exercises designed in a flexible way, so that educators can freely decide how to include them in their curricula and educational plans.


Our team is composed of three different organizations coming from three different countries and cultural backgrounds.

The partners involved are: Eurosoc Digital, from Germany, the University of Peloponnese, from Greece, and Alfa – Liguria, from Italy.

Meet the team !

#IMMUNE Project is run by experts in the educational and guidance field, oriented towards sharing key contents to fight misinformation with teachers, educators and young people

Laszlo-Zoltan Kovats

Manager partner of EuroSoc#Digital

Mareike Meyer

Simulation games developer

Dora Katsamori

Ph.D in Social and Educational Policy

Despina Karakatsan

Professor of Education at the Department of Social and Education Policy

Arianna Giovannetti

Guidance specialist and activities' developer - Alfa Liguria