#IMMUNE Project against fake news

#IMMUNE is a project funded by ERASMUS+ to promote critical thinking skills among youngsters tackling the issue of fake news

#IMMUNE Project

The innovation in communication technologies and media lead to an exponential spreading of information, a process to which we are all exposed, and sometimes overwhelmed by.

IMMUNE is a project aimed to all educators interested in delving deeper into the matter, becoming the perfect multipliers for our contents.

Our topics

  • The meaning of “manipulation” and the reasons why people are manipulated
  • How manipulation works, discovering strategies and tactics to recognize it
  • The power of the individual to detect manipulation
  • The possibility of protect oneself from manipulation

Our resources

Anti fake news toolkit

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Who developed #IMMUNE?

#IMMUNE Project is run by people that care for the education of youngs. Our main goal is to share key contents to fight misinformation with teachers and educators.